Dark Dreams, Forbidden Fantasis.  What if...

Brannan Black is an acclaimed author of fantasy and paranormal romance novels.  She creates vivid worlds that ask, "What if..."  

... the world as we know it ended at the hands a virus?  Wolfman, Wolf Tales and Island Wolfman Series

... vampires, werewolves, witches and more live hidden among us?  Viking Seduction & Soul Bound

... history played out a little differently?  The Northmen's Sagas

Those themes and more are explored between the covers of Brannan Black's novels.

Just Released:

Blind Faith, Wolfman Tale 3

Life among humans. Not something my two wolfmen ever expected to experience again. The women at the compound are just as surprised to find themselves sharing their sanctuary with the very wolfmen they're trying to protect themselves from. Learning to trust each other won't be easy but I have faith, in my wolfmen and our love. Love conquers all. Right? If only it were that easy.

Available at Changeling Press.

Released Jan 18, 2013


And don't miss:

The Ageless: Ravaged

Can Drifa protect Aiden and Mick from the ruling council -- and still satisfy her own hungers?

New characters from the Ageless world of Werewolves and Vampires.  Drifa is a white werewolf and a base player in a band.  Oh, and did I mention she's coming into her heat cycle?  Usually she heads off to the hills to satisfy her urges, only this time she has to stick around to finish up her tour and meet with a record company agent.  Will she manage to resist her urges?

Available at Changeling Press.

Released Jun 1, 2012

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